2019 was the first full year for Flashover. In this post I'm going to share the five most read posts of that year. I hope this post can serve as an opportunity for you to see if you missed anything interesting or to revisit a post or two. Maybe you are new to the blog and in this case I'm sure this post is a helpful starting point for you.

Customer Collaboration over Contract Negotiation - The title is a bit misleading. In this post I'm not writing so much about customer collaboration but rather about customer management for software agencies. Successful software projects don't require only great teams but also great customers. And it's your responsibility to try to help your customers become great.

The Drama Triangle - Karpman drama triangle is a social model that can help you make sense of conflict situations happening at your work place.

You Don't Have to Manufacture Psychological Safety - Do you want high-performing teams with high levels of psychological safety inside your organization? Then make teams the smallest unit of your organization instead of individuals. This post is not a recap of Google's Aristotle project but instead tells you why manufacturing psychological safety should be your plan B instead of plan A.

Don't Try to Create and Analyze at the Same Time - Writing and editing are different processes that require different types of thinking. When writing code, the same is true for adding new functionality and refactoring existing code.

Exams Are for Students, Experiments Are for Learners - By grading our work and continuously comparing us to our peers, schools and exams teach us to avoid failure. Because of this, we might steer away from projects where failure is likely but that are still important for our organizations and meaningful for us as individuals. We should approach challenging projects from the perspective of experiments instead of exams.


Happy new year and thank you for all the reads and shares!